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Learning despite lovesickness and infatuation

    On the way to learning success, the emotional situation of a young person must not be disregarded, whereby being in love and lovesickness are often underestimated. Both being in love and heartbreak have a massive influence on the learning performance and the learning success of young people, whereby strongly felt and reciprocated love can strengthen learning motivation, perseverance and interest in the learning material. Being in love also promotes self-confidence and strengthens creativity, while acute heartbreak primarily blocks concentration and reduces the pace of learning. However, it is important to distinguish between rather superficial moods and deep emotions, because only the latter have a lasting negative influence on learning.

    The influence of such emotions also depends on which love style a young person experienced in early childhood, because a passionate love style tends to inhibit learning, while a friendly-pragmatic one tends to strengthen it. For girls, by the way, the influence of being in love on learning is often more positive than for boys. Parents can also contribute a great deal to the way in which young people cope with heartbreak.

    In most cases, it is probably about heartbreak that affects learning. It helps to talk to someone about your love situation. One should meet with friends in such a situation and also revive old friendships. It is also a good idea to pass the time by doing things that you like and are good at, because this strengthens your self-confidence. In such a time one should also try new things, because that often lets forget the worries for some time. In no case should one hole up alone at home.