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Learning an instrument as an adult

    If you want to master an instrument perfectly, it is best to start playing as a child. But even as an adult you can still learn many skills and have a lot of fun making music.

    Time and patience are needed

    It is important to realize that learning to play an instrument as an adult requires a lot of time and patience. Playing skills are not something you acquire overnight. Instead, spending many hours practicing and making music is not left out. Moreover, it takes a lot of patience to learn the different fingerings and techniques. It is therefore a good idea to start learning during a vacation, for example. This way you have enough time and the necessary peace to fully concentrate on the instrument and invest a lot of enthusiasm in playing. With a certain foundation of skills, it is then easy to integrate practicing into everyday life later on.

    Theory and practice are equally important

    In all phases of life, it is important to let theory and practice come into their own in equal measure. Of course, it is especially fun to simply pick up an instrument and start playing. However, real success and progress cannot be achieved in this way, or only with great effort. It has proven to be much more useful to first deal with the theory and then apply it practically step by step. For example, it makes sense to deal with the circle of fifths and to get to know the notation in various pieces of music.

    Professional support is needed

    If you learn an instrument completely for yourself and without outside help, the successes are all the more impressive. As a rule, however, this is very difficult to achieve. It is always helpful to have a professional support at your side, who gives tips, provides information and points out mistakes. This way, you can learn properly from the beginning and get a lot of useful tips and tricks. That is why it is advisable to go to a music school, for example, or to choose a professional teacher.


    Even as an adult it is possible to learn an instrument and to feel a lot of joy in music. However, one should be aware that music is not a hobby that simply works on the side. Only those who are really committed and put their heart and soul into it will achieve success and progress quickly.