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Last Minute Learning

    You have an exam in two days and haven’t studied yet? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this article we show you how you can learn the most in a short time. Before you really get started, it is important that you stay calm. Too much fear of the exam will block your brain and you won’t be able to remember anything. So take a deep breath!

    Create a schedule

    The first item on your list is a schedule. Especially if you only have a few days left, you need to manage your time wisely. Time management is the be-all and end-all of last-minute learning.


    Next, you need to get summaries of the learning material – writing new ones or learning everything is not possible now. Ask your fellow students if they already have the material in short form. Or look on the Internet: Here you can find video summaries – the best are of course those from Studyflix – there the topics are presented clearly and brought to the point.

    Exams from previous years

    You know your lecturers: Most of them are rather uncreative and set similar tasks in the exams every year. Therefore the tip: Get exams from previous years! Ask the student council about this. This way, you can familiarize yourself with the style of the assignments and, with a bit of luck, learn on the fly.

    Don’t forget breaks and exercise

    Sure, you don’t have much time left – but you shouldn’t skip breaks, otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate. Exercise is also important, it helps you learn – it’s even been scientifically proven! If you run around the room while studying, you can remember the material better!

    Study with others

    Through the summaries and old exams you already have a rough overview of the topic. If you now discuss the material with your fellow students, you will learn without much effort. Or ask them about the topics – that way you learn just by listening!


    Finally, there is a repetition to do. If you look at the material again before you go to sleep, you can remember what you have learned better. This is best done the night before the exam.