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Know your own learning type

    Can you remember what you had for lunch last week Tuesday? Probably not. Our brains are masters at forgetting information we don’t repeat regularly. But what can we do about it? I, like many others, had to painstakingly learn the art of learning as I went through college. Here are some of my tips for successful learning.
    Each of us learns differently. For example, I am a visual learner. The information should be clear for me and I like to highlight a lot. For me, taking notes in lecture is crucial. It combines listening and writing down into something visual. Taking notes, of course, also helps in the lecture to not lose attention. This is least of a problem for the auditory type of learner, who can learn well through lectures. For him it is helpful to read texts aloud or to make mnemonic devices about the sound of the words. The motor type of learner should not force himself to stay at his desk. Here it can help to walk around the room while learning or to memorize things motorically. Communicative learning types learn best in learning groups. It is not necessary to choose exactly one learning type. The more you combine, the better.