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Is there a perfect learning method?

    There is no perfect method for learning, because the requirements are as different as the subjects and examination forms. At one time every detail counts, at another time an overall understanding, and every examiner ticks differently.

    Exam preparation is not a clear finish line, it is more like a poorly signposted Tour de France, with flat stretches, rocky paths, tough climbs and stumbling blocks. So you need different learning strategies depending on where your focus is:

    If you are learning content, you need good overview and filtering processes in your head.

    If you want to understand things, sparring partners help you think things through out loud.

    If you want to memorize things, you should learn strangely!

    Last but not least, you need to fine-tune all disciplines and clock in well to get the full mental performance out of them.

    If you really want to become a professional athlete, sometimes a good coach is extremely helpful