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How can you strengthen your own self-esteem?

    Self-esteem is first and foremost a feeling, and when it is easily shaken, it is called unstable self-esteem. People with stable self-esteem, on the other hand, do not immediately doubt their basic abilities when something goes wrong, because they can acknowledge that life is not always accident-free and do not feel personally offended by it. You can strengthen a healthy self-esteem quite easily by taking good care of yourself, because senn so you signal to yourself: I am worth it.

    Perhaps this little exercise will help: “I am worth it!” In very practical everyday terms, you take a break when you’re exhausted, treat yourself to a walk when you need fresh air, or take enough time to eat and sleep. Another way to become aware of one’s value is to act in a valuable way, for example by becoming a giver, i.e. consciously giving support, compassion and appreciation to others within one’s means. Bye now lies one should strengthen the feeling “I am worth it” by accepting when someone thanks you for your help, and not repelling as so many people do. Or when someone pays a compliment, because conscious gratitude leads back to true value.

    Of course, there are people who are not self-critical enough, because there are colleagues who never see a fault with themselves, or relatives who are annoying with their self-exaggeration. But you don’t have to worry about becoming like these people right away if you lower your tendency to self-criticism a bit. As long as you don’t devalue others to make yourself feel better, you remain a thoroughly pleasant person.