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How can I support my child?

    You would like to support your child to enjoy learning again? Or – to retain this joy? You wish for many aha-moments for your child? A healthy self-confidence – also in matters of school?

    Often, even small changes at home are enough to make learning more fun (and therefore more successful!) for your child. Try it out!

    Think about how and when your child currently learns best. In motion? From books? In company? In the evening? In the morning right after getting up? When information is wrapped up in stories? When no one is watching?

    Watch your child closely in everyday life – especially when he or she is learning voluntarily. This doesn’t have to be math – it could be about soccer tricks, computer games, horse breeds, or bracelet knotting techniques.

    When is your child motivated? When highly focused? When enthusiastic?

    What exactly makes the ballet teacher so special? How is it that “What’s What” audio games are so interesting to your child? What makes playing Minecraft so great for your child? What is it about painting for hours on end that encourages your child’s creativity?

    In short, what is it exactly that makes it easy for your child to focus and remember new things in these voluntary learning situations?

    Feel free to ask your child, be curious. Any clue can be useful. After all, every aspect can certainly be used at one point or another when it comes to school. Tip: Make a few notes.

    Then, depending on the class and subject, look through the colorful collection of learning ideas. Pick out what fits your child, your schedules, and your budget. And offer it to your child. Important: No pressure! It’s all about trying things out, about testing – otherwise the whole fun effect is gone. 🙂