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Giftedness and gifted education

    The topics of giftedness and gifted education as well as giftedness have received more attention in recent years, yet too many stereotypes about (highly) gifted people persist. These include, for example, the view that (highly) gifted children and adolescents do not need support – after all, with their cognitive potential they should be able to acquire knowledge on their own.

    For years, educational researchers have been pointing out that highly gifted children also need support in learning and that educational equity can only be achieved if these children can also develop their potential in the best possible way through support.

    Highly gifted children and adolescents should therefore receive the same attention and the same support on their educational path that all children are entitled to. Especially children affected by social inequality and girls often have problems, because their highly giftedness is often not recognized. Ultimately, all children and young people benefit from inclusive and individual support.