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Fun while learning?

    Learning does not have to be serious and boring. You can also have fun and learn effectively and stress-free. You will have much more fun learning if you can focus on it in peace and quiet. Therefore, put electronic devices and other distractions aside. Sit down in an undisturbed place and create the right learning environment. A healthy diet, exercise in the fresh air and an adequate supply of water also contribute to a better ability to concentrate and thus more fun in learning. To learn efficiently and with motivation, it is also necessary to find the right learning method for you. Try learning during a walk, for example. Creating mind maps, learning with index cards and listening to and reciting the learning content or reading are also fun.

    In addition to the efficiency of learning, the way you engage with the content also plays a big role. If you are learning in a group, you can organise a kind of quiz with the learning content. Here, two players can compete against each other. This way, what you have learned stays in your memory much better and learning itself is fun. Modifying parlour games such as memory is a creative method and helps to have more fun during the learning process itself. Here you can create pairs, each with a term and the corresponding definition. Learning apps can also be great fun, especially for children. Discussions with other learners, visual representations of the learning material in pictures or theatre-like games also ensure that you have more fun with the subject matter and that what you have learned is also better remembered. Reward plays a big role in making learning fun. Therefore, set yourself concrete goals and reward yourself for completing them. For example, write a to-do list and treat yourself to a piece of your favourite candy after each chapter you have learned, or reward yourself after a day of learning with a relaxing evening with friends.