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Example of a learning plan

    Step 1:

    – Consider the three time dimensions : everyday time, free time, learning time

    – What is most important to you?

    – What do you want to spend a lot of time on?

    – How much everyday time has already been spent?

    – Make a to-do list and put your fixed appointments there!

    Step 2:

    – Take a good look at your materials and get an overview.

    – What do you have to learn? What is missing and needs to be added?

    – Which topics are perhaps more extensive than you thought from memory?

    Step 3:

    – put the learning contents in the right order

    – learn the difficult topics first and the easy ones last

    Step 4:

    – create a good learning method:

    – mind map, index cards, …

    – Plan enough time!

    Step 5:

    – Determine what you want to learn and when.

    – E.g. 30 minutes at a time, 15 minutes break, …

    – arrange individually!