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Exam prep tips: 5 things you shouldn’t do

    At some point I started to behave differently 24 hours before an exam. Certain things I preferred not to do and others I did very consciously. So have fun with five things you should not do before an exam and five things you should rather do instead.

    Don’t drive yourself crazy!

    Just before an exam, don’t drive yourself crazy about whether you have learned everything or not. What you can’t do so close to the exam, you won’t be able to do in the exam. You simply don’t have the time to consolidate this knowledge and to be able to use it safely by repeating and practicing. Instead, you should have completed your preparations 24 hours before the exam. The best way to do this is with a study plan.

    No parties!

    The night before an exam, I recommend that you don’t have any big parties. Especially if this means that you will be home very late and won’t get much sleep. Of course, people also like to drink at parties. Alcohol is also a bad idea shortly before an exam.

    Don’t talk about the exam all the time!

    Try to avoid people who constantly want to talk about the exam. People like that used to upset me quickly, because they regularly made me realize what I couldn’t do. You can always learn something new. But you can also learn too much. And that’s where the danger lies, with people who only talk to you about the exam. They have learned more than necessary and give you a bad feeling. In the worst case, you start to learn these things again at short notice.

    Go to bed on time!

    Don’t start a new top series on Netflix if you’re not strong enough to go to bed on time. Sleep is a crucial factor and unfortunately, no series you can’t stop watching will help you with that. Trust me, I know the thought process, just one more episode.

    Eat healthy!

    Do yourself a favor and don’t organize a hotdog eating contest. Something like that will be very heavy on your stomach, you won’t sleep well, you won’t be able to concentrate and you won’t feel much better afterwards than the poor sausage in the bun.