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Exam anxiety in children – The fear of anxiety

    When the situation repeats itself, it reinforces the fears that already exist. Exam anxiety in children becomes entrenched. It also negatively affects self-confidence. It often affects students who already have less effective learning strategies. They can no longer devote the necessary attention to learning when they are mentally under pressure. This can lead to a vicious circle.

    Affected children with test anxiety focus more on their physical symptoms in the test situation. The nightmarish vision of a possible bad result increasingly dominates their entire behavior. Initially, only the physical aspects are perceived as threatening, but then increasingly the psychological aspects as well.

    Exam anxiety in children triggers feelings of insecurity, powerlessness and oppression. They are accompanied by fear of failure, loss of social recognition and affection, or even depressive moods: Adolescents are then sometimes tormented by suicidal thoughts.