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Ensure peace and quiet in the workplace

    Is your child easily distracted? Then help him by providing a quiet environment or even silence while learning. To do this, try one or more of the following ideas: … (read more)

    Turn off the cell phone/phone.

    Turn off the TV or music. But other family members want to gamble, watch TV, or listen to audio games right now? Give them headphones for what they want to do.

    Send siblings to other rooms or arrange quiet activities like looking at books or coloring.

    Your child may also learn best when alone in a room with the door closed.

    Close windows to keep interesting noises out.

    If you are near your child, ideally also do a more quiet task where you make few loud noises and move little. Answering emails, hanging or folding laundry, ironing, chopping vegetables for dinner…. Phone calls and the like may distract your child.

    Get your child hearing protection or put on headphones (without music).

    However, listening to quiet music (e.g. without lyrics) can also help some children. For example, look here: Relaxation music for learning, relaxation music for children, music for learning and reading or learning music. This way your child will only hear the music. Other sounds that could distract him or her go unnoticed: the doorbell (I wonder who’s there?), the sister’s question (I know the answer!) and the clatter of Lego bricks in the neighbor’s nursery (Is the brother taking my Star Wars men again without asking?!).

    Your kid likes to work in some kind of cave? Perhaps some kind of partitioning by curtain or canopy can help… This can also help block out some noise.

    Note: The tendency to get distracted is much less if your child is engaged in something he enjoys. Do you know this? He can spend hours playing Lego or listening to a new radio play. Therefore, try to make learning situations as pleasant as possible! You can find many tips under “Motivation”.