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Encourage motivation

    Sometimes students simply have a complete lack of motivation. That’s when it’s important to rekindle their motivation. The question, of course, is how best to do this, and we’ve put together a few parenting guides and tips here.

    Encourage motivation through interest

    Develop an interest in what your child is learning! Listen attentively, let your child tell you about the school material. It learns in such a way even still completely besides. It is clear that not every subject has the same level of interest. Nevertheless, there are many ways to awaken it. For example, watch interesting documentaries with your child about the subject in question. Or when it comes to languages, speak together in that language, just learn along. Let your child also translate song lyrics, for example, this will bring him joy because there is a goal in mind. In the future, he will pay special attention when songs are sung and will automatically start translating. And the advantage, it learns in such a way again, completely besides, with! By the interest in the learning materials the learning material sacks completely by itself and even with joy into the long-term memory.

    Promote the motivation by curiosity

    Be curious, question when learning with your child. For example, with good old “why” questions! Your child will enjoy teaching you. With alert interest on your part, he will develop alert interest on his part. And, it will also become more curious itself and, most importantly, want to fill up on more and more knowledge.

    Motivation through rewards

    Agree upon common undertakings as reward, if e.g. a very important work lines up and this must turn out first-class. For example, for the important passing grades. But please also agree on an alternative if the goal is not achieved. So that the child is not put under too much pressure. It could look like this: If the goal is met, have a nice big field trip. If not, there is “just” a picnic. The important thing is to provide incentives, but always without pressure. It will make an effort on its own to get the “big outing”.

    Motivation through smiling

    Teach your child the following simple trick: When he or she is really sagging and everything seems really “dumb”, get in front of the mirror and smile! Just smile properly into the mirror, he likes to smile back. This is a valuable exercise for the whole life and motivates immensely. By smiling, happiness hormones are automatically secreted, which immediately “pull up” again. Just try it out, it is not only fun in difficult learning situations, but practically always. So you can also promote your motivation at any time in school in front of the mirrors.

    Avoid motivational conflicts

    Schedule learning with your child so that nothing tempting can get in the way. So really talk through when is the ideal time to really study extensively.

    Remind them of the “why.”

    When motivation drops, ask your child WHY he is learning. Always remind him or her of the goals! This way, when you get the goal right back in your sights, motivation immediately rises again. It learns so early that it does not have to learn because you want to annoy it, but because it has so maximum opportunities for the whole life.