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Eight tips against exam anxiety

    Before the exam

    1. Study properly
    Start on time. Set up a study plan and divide the exam topics into sub-steps. This will help your brain process the material better.

    2. Take breaks
    Take a short break every one to two hours. After four hours, take an hour off. Do something completely different during these times, go outside, exercise. Your brain needs breaks to stay receptive.

    3. Get enough sleep
    Sleep is where the brain processes and stores what it has learned. Lack of sleep makes you inattentive and nervous.

    On the day of the exam

    4. Write away your fears
    Ten minutes before you start, write down your worries. Studies show: People who write away their stress perform about five percent better under pressure.

    5. Thought stop
    When anxiety comes, internally say, “Stop!”. Take a moment to analyze the situation: What exactly is the problem?

    6. Control attention
    Consciously direct your attention to your surroundings, away from yourself. How does the chair feel? What does the carpet look like?

    7. Breathe consciously
    Breathe deeply and slowly into your belly. This calms you and ensures that your gray matter gets enough oxygen. Exhale slowly through the mouth.

    8. Relax muscles
    Purposefully tense and relax muscles one at a time. Progressive muscle relaxation helps to reduce stress.