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Do you know what a STOPSTONE is?

    Learning coach Inga Janović, an editor in the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, recommends that parents use simple terms to teach children important rules of behavior in the long term. In particular, she invented the term STOPSTONE to help children learn proper behavior in traffic. She writes, “Stopstone. We have used this name to introduce youngsters to the curb, and the effect – not only on our own child – is amazing. As if the crossing to the roadway were magnetic, the little ones remain almost rooted to the spot in front of it. And they only move away again when they are given the go-ahead. So the message of stop and stone seems more plausible than instructions like “wait at the curb,” “stay on the sidewalk,” or “look at the side of the road” – what are curb and stile, too?”

    We think this is an excellent idea that can help many parents ease the sometimes critical situations of moving in traffic, especially in big cities!


    Stangl, W. (2022, 8. Mai). Wissen Sie, was ein STOPPSTEIN ist?

    Wissen Sie, was ein STOPPSTEIN ist?