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Do not undermine authority

    The most important thing to remember when dealing with school is, never speak ill of teachers in front of your children. Teachers are authorities and your child’s first bosses, so to speak. It is really elementary and important for the whole life that children learn respect. They learn this first and foremost from you as parents. Always be aware of this. A derogatory remark slips out quickly. You may think nothing of it. But your child remembers it.

    Of course, this does not mean that arbitrary rulers at school should simply be accepted. Such arbitrary rulers exist almost everywhere, unfortunately. But, if problems arise with this kind of teachers and teaching staff, in the first place you should try to clarify this directly with the teachers concerned or, if necessary, you should turn to the headmaster’s office. In no case is the solution to incite the child additionally at home. This only encourages the child’s defiance and practically undermines the authority of all teachers in the child’s receptive mind.

    So our advice, be a role model here as well. This is especially true when making comments about your own superiors. Pull yourself together, don’t talk bad about your bosses in front of the kids either. Children then like to transfer this derogatory thinking behavior to their superiors, who, of course, are the teachers. A vicious circle. It is important to prevent this from happening in the first place. Therefore, listen carefully to your child when he or she talks about problems at school. Also question if your child feels unfairly treated by teachers. Please listen to both sides and attend the consultation hours or parents’ evenings if problems arise. You can take your child with you to these, then you can clarify the problems on the spot. This is how constructive cooperation develops. Both the child notices that the truth always comes out, and the teacher in question notices that problems are being worked on constructively at home. Misunderstandings and relationships can be clarified in time, without complications and without undermining authority.

    If it should really happen that teachers remain intransigent or really unfair, then you still have the possibility, as I said, to call in liaison teachers or the directorate. If your child has real problems with teachers, encourage him or her to go to the liaison teacher together with the class representatives. At almost every school there are so-called crisis offices, which are responsible for mediation of any kind in the school. Your child learns at an early age that it is possible to achieve a lot by seeking help in time. That is helpful for the whole life, later in the working life you have then no Duckmäuser, which let themselves put up with everything, but mature persons, which defend themselves, if something should run unfairly.

    As you can see, there are many ways to promote constructive communication at an early age and, as always, it all starts at home. Crisis management that is well exemplified will help your child to solve his or her own problems or to seek help in time. So advise your child to always talk to the teachers concerned or other trusted people first. Support your child in this regard as soon as possible. This way you will get strong personalities who will rarely have problems. Those who are prepared for all eventualities will have fewer difficulties anyway. And who has learned healthy respect, anyway.