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Dealing with complex learning material

    The complexity of a material is often an obstacle to start learning. Therefore, some tips on how to approach such a seemingly difficult subject matter:

    Encompass the subject, i.e., go from the big to the small. First, skim the content you will be learning. Use the table of contents to do this. After you have a basic overview, structure and organize the content. Only then start “zooming in”. Ask yourself questions even before you have read through the textbook for the first time:

    What do I already know about this topic?
    What do I think I will learn?

    Then compare your answers to the information you have in your books and process them immediately. This is how your brain learns the most. After a day of learning, ask yourself questions

    What went well?
    What will I continue to do in the next learning sessions?
    What could I improve in my learning (study in a different place, eat less sugar, …)?
    What challenges might I face tomorrow and how can I prepare for them?

    Write down what you learned today to strengthen your memory. You can do this in the form of a mind map (5 to 10 minutes). It is better to write down what you learned today than to spend another 5-10 minutes learning new information. Again, add or cross out information after you have written it all down. Do this with a different color to see what you actually knew.