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Create a study plan

    If you want to be properly structured and organized, it can help to create a study plan. This is especially recommended if you generally have problems with a structured way of working and quickly lose the overview. A study plan is also very useful if you want to study effectively for your Tests.

    First of all, a well-structured study plan requires that you plan your time realistically. Don’t just take into account the amount of material you have to study, but also what else you have to do: Is your grandma having a birthday party this weekend? When are you going to practice? When do you want to meet up with friends? You can do all that, even if you have to study. Because if you organize your time well, there will always be some time left over that you can use for studying. Sitting down for three hours in the evening and skipping sports is actually only necessary in rare cases if you check exactly when you have how much time and then write down when you do what. Divide the subject matter into study packets and plan repetitions directly.