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Learning support & learning coaching

    Learning support or learning coaching is advisable when one notices that the problems in school lie more in learning itself than in mastering the subject matter. A well-trained learning coach or learning companion can help students to identify deficits or obstacles in their learning process, using different methods not only to work on the subject level of learning, but also to target the origin of the learning difficulties.

    In a learning coaching session, the student learns in a trusting and supportive atmosphere how he/she can compensate for his/her weaknesses by making use of his/her strengths. A learning program is then created together with the learning coach to meet the needs of a particular student. The topics considered in learning coaching range from time management to learning organization to exam skills.

    During learning support or learning coaching, students also receive tips on how to avoid distractions and increase their ability to concentrate. In the process, one learns to approach an exam material with different learning techniques, which should make it easier to gradually realize one’s own learning plan. Since in such a process one should also develop better personal learning strategies, step by step one will also become more successful in achieving one’s learning goals.

    Ultimately, learning support also helps to gradually regain confidence in one’s own learning competence and abilities and thus to strengthen one’s sometimes tarnished self-confidence, i.e. all qualifications that support a successful completion of a school career or will also be important later in life.