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Advantages of the Pomodoro Technique

    cirillio-pomodoro-technikEffectiveness: Within a Pomodoro phase, you get twice as much done as you normally would, and that contributes to satisfaction and motivation.

    Targeting: When you set a Pomodoro, you know exactly what needs to be accomplished in that time. Most of the time, you also achieve the goal, even though it actually seems impossible to do.

    Concentration: Interestingly, the ability to switch between breaks and work is greatly improved by the Pomodoro technique. Since you take breaks again and again, you also get back into concentrated work much faster.

    Learning effect: The more often you use the method, the better you can get deep into your concentration. Because every technique can still be optimized.

    Discipline: The Pomodoro method helps you to manage your time better and to judge for yourself when you can do what. In this way, you can increase each time by first doing one, then two, then three Pomodoro a day.

    Reduction of complexity: Especially large and unachievable projects seem to be easier to handle with the Pomodoro method. Because it forces to divide its project into small morsels and work off gradually.