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Why learning tips?

    Our science-based learning tips provide a lush bouquet of foundational insights, learning methods, and learning techniques at four levels:

    • Fundamental learning tips that form the basis of all learning.
    • Learning tips for individual learning: How does my brain learn joyfully and gladly?
    • Learning tips for collective learning, for learning in a group or in a team.
    • Learning tips for organizational learning: How does an organization, a school, a university, a company or an association learn?

    In the age of fake news and fake sciences, all learning tips in this blog are scientifically based, i.e., each learning tip is introduced by a short background story, then methodically explained, and finally scientifically substantiated with up-to-date source references. On the basis of these scientifically founded insights into learning and fundamentally reflected own attitudes to learning, one’s own learning and working processes can be designed more brain- and learner-friendly and thus more goal-oriented and successful, even in a digitally accelerated world, in school and university, in family and profession.