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What is the maximum amount of time you should study per day?

    Five hours of pure learning time is quite ambitious. Quality clearly takes precedence over stubborn cramming of learning material.

    You need breaks so that the knowledge can settle. It is therefore all the more important to focus on learning during the learning units.

    It’s best to switch off the Internet and cell phone, even if it’s hard.

    After 30 to 90 minutes at the latest, a break is due. Here you can walk the dog, play the piano, do gymnastics or discuss the situation with your girlfriend. This clears your head and gives you new energy and motivation.

    The answer of a learning psychologist was clear: “From the point of view of learning psychology it is quite clear: 4 hours spread over the whole day. The rule is quite simple: 4 hours spread over the day gives the brain a learning time of about 8 hours, 4 hours at a stretch or only with short breaks in between gives a brain learning time of about 2 hours. Can choose what you want to have …”.

    Extra tip: The brain continues to work not only after the actual learning, but also after a repetition of learning material. Therefore, it is sometimes convenient to repeat the most important material again immediately before going to bed, because then you will learn even while you sleep!