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What is the difference between learning methods and learning techniques?

    Learning methods

    A learning method involves a more structured framework or set of steps used to achieve a specific learning objective. A learning method can include different learning techniques and integrate them in a coherent way. Examples of learning methods are:

    The SQ3R model (Skim, Question, Read, Recite, Review) for effective reading and text comprehension.
    The KWL model (Know, Want to know, Learned) for activating prior knowledge.
    The 5-step model for problem solving

    Learning techniques

    A learning technique refers to specific strategies or techniques used to make learning more effective. They are practical approaches that help you better understand, retain and recall information. Learning techniques are part of learning methods and are used to optimise the learning process. Examples of learning techniques are:

    Using mnemonics (memory techniques).
    Active learning
    Visualising information
    Performing repetition exercises (spaced repetition)