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What are the basic rules of vocabulary learning?

    When learning vocabulary, there are some important rules that can help you learn and retain new words effectively. Here are some basic rules:

    • Context: learn words in their context. Try to learn words in the context of whole sentences or even stories. This will help you understand the context and retain the word better.
    • Repetition: Repeat words regularly. Repetition is the key to learning new words. You should not just learn the words once, but repeat them regularly to make sure they stay in your memory.
    • Divide the vocabulary into portions before learning so that you don’t get discouraged by the mass of learning. Learn and repeat a small portion each day rather than trying to learn large amounts irregularly.
    • Use: Use the words in your daily life. Try to use the new words in your daily conversations and texts to reinforce your understanding and use of the word.
    • Categorization: Categorize the words. Try to organize similar words into groups to facilitate your understanding.
    • Learning method: Try different learning methods that activate different senses, so don’t just learn from the book or vocabulary book. Find a learning method that works for you. Everyone learns differently, so find a method that works best for you. Some people prefer learning with flashcards, while others need to visualize the word or say it out loud to retain it. Variety in learning provides continued motivation, so use vocabulary learning games, for example, but age-appropriate videos and books also help build and reinforce vocabulary.
    • Goal setting: Set realistic goals. Set goals for how many words you want to learn per day or week. These goals should be realistic so you don’t get discouraged.
      Patience: Be patient. Learning new words takes time and patience. Give yourself time to learn and repeat the words until they stick in your memory.
    • Take regular breaks, whether learning or retrieving.
    • Make appropriate gestures or movements to the vocabulary while learning.
    • Build a solid basic vocabulary first so you don’t miss the boat. Basic vocabulary, or minimal vocabulary, is the set of words necessary to understand most of any text. In English, the basic vocabulary consists of about 850 words. If you can master these most common words, you can understand about ninety percent of spoken language.

    By following these rules, you can effectively expand your vocabulary and help you learn a new language.