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Tutoring – as soon as possible

    Tutoring, how to handle, when is it indicated? The need for help becomes apparent at the latest when bad grades are received and the student’s promotion is endangered. The parents may not be able to help, because they do not understand the school material themselves. Of course, tutoring seems to be the best solution. But not all tutoring is the same and not always the solution.

    First of all, the child needs confidence in his or her own abilities. You can support them in this. Furthermore, in order to achieve good results, your child must also want to! The most expensive tutoring institute is of no use if the child is absolutely demotivated and severely overtaxed. Therefore, you should first see exactly whether the child is at all up to his type of school! It is always nice when parents strive for the maximum education of their children, but not every child is suitable for higher schools. One should absolutely accept that!

    Every child is different. One learns easily and virtually in passing, the other has to study for hours to achieve halfway good results. Of course, the question then arises as to whether the chosen form of schooling will make sense in the long term. Because if the child brings home 3 fives, for example, then it needs tutoring for 3 subjects. This can cause an insane pressure, which is difficult to get a grip on. Before you start with other teachers, you should first see if your child can cope better with other learning methods. If, however, it normally copes well and suddenly problems arise, then you can already help with tutoring.

    Sudden problems can be caused by family changes or by moving house. The child gets out of his usual rhythm, so it is normal that he is initially overwhelmed. Tutoring should never be a permanent solution. Tutoring is intended to provide support, to compensate for deficits and to promote learning behavior in general. However, this should be done over a manageable period of time and should really help the child. The child should be able to implement all suggestions at home. In this way, it can be brought back to independence bit by bit.
    Where is the best place to get tutoring?

    Tutoring can be obtained from a variety of sources:

    Individual tutoring: Individual tutoring is often offered by students, older students or even teachers. They come to your home. Advantage: Your child learns in its familiar environment and the support is of course more effective than in group work.
    Tutoring or remedial classes at school: Most schools offer remedial classes. Teachers quickly see who hangs where and prescribe remedial classes. This offer should be used, your child is promoted practically at the source.
    Tutoring institutes: Institutes offer one-on-one tutoring, as well as group tutoring. It is a question of money. Individual tutoring is more expensive, of course. No matter which tutoring, students are given tasks to solve on their own. Help is given with all learning problems. In the institutes often work students or older students. Tutoring takes place 1 to 2 times a week. Ask other parents or the school which institute is recommended. Not every one is the same. There are huge differences in price and quality.

    What makes good tutoring in institutes?

    • There should be a maximum of 5 children in a group
    • Students should be from the same grades and types of schools.
    • Each group should have its own room, where they can study undisturbed
    • Tutoring should be very close to the methodology of the school, otherwise the child will only get confused.
    • Consultation should be a matter of course and with the child. Agree together with the institute how often your child should come for tutoring. It should be neither too much nor too little. Free time should not be too short either, so that there is no frustration and pressure.
    • It should be a matter of course for the institute to keep you informed about the development.
    • If PC learning programs are used, ask carefully if they are up to date.
    • Pay attention to the duration. It should always be possible to cancel on a monthly basis!

    Your child is important, choose according to your feeling the suitable tutoring possibility for you. Whether together with you or with friends, whether with remedial lessons or even with institutes, the goal should always be to make it as pleasant and yet as beneficial as possible for your child.