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Tips for the perfect place to learn

    Is there such a thing as the perfect place to learn? A resounding YES. There is YOUR perfect place to learn.

    • How do you want to learn?
    • Where do you prefer to learn?
    • Do you want to learn at a table or on the floor?
    • What should your learning space look like? With or without plants, with a chair or a stool?

    Yes, you can make your learning space comfortable and ask yourself these questions. And of course you can also ask your child the same questions about his or her perfect learning space. Honestly, who wants to learn in a place that looks untidy, dark and chaotic?

    1st tip: the right temperature
    Well, you’re not supposed to get tired or fall asleep in it. When I go to big seminars, it always says to pack a cardigan because the rooms are deliberately kept cool.
    Because the brain gets tired when it has sauna-like temperatures.
    In fact, 18-20 degrees is optimal.

    Tip 2: Ventilate well
    Before studying, ventilate the room properly so that it is filled with enough oxygen and the brain can absorb the fresh breeze.
    And now imagine you can study with the window open to the sound of birds singing and the scent of fresh flowers.
    Yes, that is also possible.
    Learning doesn’t have to take place in a dark room with the smell of musty paper.

    Tip 3: Light
    As already mentioned, no dark room.
    Daylight is the best choice.

    Tip 4: Equipment
    When you enter your learning space, it should be tidy and prepared.
    Yes, it can look inviting.
    Pens, paper, notebooks, books and whatever else you need are in place. You don’t have to spend 20 minutes looking for everything. This reduces motivation and energy levels.
    Make sure you have enough water, because how often do you get caught up in the flow and forget everything around you? Even drinking?
    Prepare everything you need at your learning location.
    And clean up at the end. After all, you want to have a place to learn again the next day that makes you want to do more.

    Tip 5: Change your place of learning
    You learn or work sometimes here, sometimes there. Depending on where there is no child and where there is space.
    Here you should ask yourself (or your child) the important question:
    Do I always need the same place to study or does it not matter?
    If you are one of those people who can always learn or ride somewhere else, then buy a colourful storage box with a lid where you can put all your materials.
    For children who commute between parents, a box like this is also a good idea, because this way nothing gets lost in colourful pictures, stickers, snippets and paper aeroplanes.