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Study tip: Sort out

    If you have to study for a test or exam, you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of material. Therefore, first sort out everything you don’t have to learn. Pay close attention to the tips the teacher gives you. When announcing a test, the teacher usually mentions roughly what will be asked. Be sure to write it down. If you have not done so, ask someone for this information. You may be able to reduce the amount of work you have to do in advance. Often you can save three quarters of the work. Of course, it depends on your field of study and the teacher.
    You should always take notes when the teacher mentions something that he/she thought was important. This makes it much easier to understand what the test is about afterwards.
    If your teacher announces a test and doesn’t mention any topics, ask specifically. Try to get as much information as possible about what you don’t need to learn.
    Take your papers and look for topics that you can exclude in advance. Then you know you don’t have to go through all the material since the last test.
    Nothing is more unsatisfying than finding out in the test that you have spent hours of your life studying something that is not asked at all. And at worst, something you haven’t studied. So you make enough room in advance for what is really important.