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Routines and rituals

    Routines and rituals help us to arrive more quickly in a situation. Therefore, start your working or learning day consciously and always with the same starting signal. This can be entering the study, a small mindfulness exercise or even putting on your usual work clothes. To maintain motivation at your desk at home, you can arrange binding deadlines and meeting dates. Or you can work with a kind of reward system. You don’t get that cup of coffee until the letter is written. You take a walk around the block when you have read the next chapter.

    However, if your concentration wanes or you don’t get anywhere, you should accept that and take a break. Our cerebellum, which consciously perceives everything, also needs to relax. By the way, it can do this best during routine tasks such as punching holes, filing or even driving. Then the cerebrum takes over and processes all the information subconsciously. A suitable solution only seems to come unexpectedly.