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Motivation promotes learning success

    Children and adolescents have phases from time to time in which they lose their desire to learn. This is usually the case when they become frustrated in acquiring knowledge or learning new skills, whether through failure or unpleasant emotional experiences with people involved.

    To help them bounce back after such periods, it is important to lay a foundation for successful learning processes right from the start. If parents and educators follow a few basic rules, they can teach their children the basics of acquiring knowledge and skills through play, so that they retain a lifelong desire to learn.

    For a child, every developmental step, no matter how small, is preceded by a complicated learning process. That’s why we should always explicitly praise and appreciate his or her efforts.

    The linchpin of this child’s world is usually the mother, who encourages her child at every step. The child expands its range of motion and leaves its safe little world to conquer new territory. This requires strong motivation. That’s why it needs lots of stimulation and plenty of encouragement, support and encouragement on the obstacle-filled path to independence.

    In the best case, many of a child’s learning processes are emotionally positive. New connections are made in the brain. Children who have learned to learn learn more effectively later on. They can reap the laurels of their learning success and thereby motivate themselves to continue.