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Let your child learn 4x short rather than 1x long

    Let your child learn 4x short rather than 1x long.

    Studies show that it makes more sense to learn for a shorter time several times than for a long time less often. For one thing, the ability to concentrate decreases after a certain period of time. With everyone. With children relatively fast. … (read more)

    Thus, elementary school children usually do well after 15-20 minutes of small breaks. The head needs a rest. The body needs exercise. Only then is your child ready for action again.

    And even over a longer period of time, it is good to include small repetitions again and again. It makes more sense than learning for a long time only once. So it’s better to practice 1×1 5 times a week for 10 minutes than 1x a week for 1 hour. Knowledge must be able to settle. And be refreshed. This is the best way to store it in the long term in the memory.

    The shorter learning windows also have other advantages: they are often easier to integrate into everyday life. And your child will probably give his OK to 5 dictation sentences rather than 40. And in smaller time windows, you usually automatically set yourself smaller intermediate step goals. These are more likely to be achieved than large ones. This gives your child a sense of achievement more often, which in turn motivates him or her.

    So think about where your child can break up larger learning packages into pleasant, child-friendly morsels.