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Learning technique: Learning with all senses

    Depending on whether you are an auditory or visual learner, you can incorporate each sense into your learning.

    For the visual type, visualizations are particularly well suited. For example, create posters, learning posters, or a mind map that depicts the learning material, make appropriate sketches, or use a color code for your materials.

    To appeal to the auditory sense, you could try the following trick: Record the material on a recorder or on your cell phone and listen to the file over and over again – while riding the subway, cleaning the house, or going for a walk. That way, you’ll internalize the material as you go along. Combining learning material with melodies can also be effective in the auditory learning method. Listen to a certain melody while learning and try to sing along with the material in the appropriate rhythm. This may be unusual at first, but it’s fun and stays in your head.