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How to save half of your learning and studying time

    We live in an information society: Those who know more are much further ahead than others!
    Whether in studies or at work – quickly familiarizing yourself with new or complex topics is essential.
    Time and again, you need to quickly get an overview of facts, e-mails, websites or reports.
    On average, people spend between 2 and 4 hours a day reading technical texts such as reports, presentations and emails. In addition, there are press reports, social media feeds and even whole books that people want to read …
    Calculate once 2 hours of reading time in contrast to the maximum 8 hours you can spend per day on thinking-intensive tasks:
    2 hours of reading then equals 90 full days of learning or working!
    If one could understand just 50% faster, then one would save 45 full reading days!
    One would be more confident, more relaxed, and the better comprehension would be reflected in the results.
    Sound reading training is one of the absolute key skills and therefore should be on every learning plan.
    Is that so?
    In our society, people learn dully analogous numbers, dates, facts.
    But what helps in life are competencies.
    To bridge this gap, there are better learning and reading strategies.
    This well thought out reading training is based on scientific findings that have helped many other people.
    The time required for learning is about 2 hours.
    It is worth giving it a try!
    Here are the links to the corresponding texts and instructions: