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How to plan your exam period

    Take time to plan your exam period. Then you can choose the right learning methods that suit you. This includes setting yourself a learning goal and creating a study plan. You can use this plan to guide you so that you don’t forget any material. Your learning times are set, and the good thing is that break times are also scheduled. First, think about what your goal is, how much time you have available, and what you want to prioritize.

    The goal: Are you learning for short-term success? Or do you want to internalize the knowledge in the long term?
    The time: How much time do you have per day, per week, or per month to learn?
    The priorities: Which exams are most important? What content do you need to know first, and which do you still have time for?

    Divide the topics of your study material into meaningful sections. Then, for each section, set a time when you want to learn it. You can also decide which learning methods you want to use. Don’t forget to schedule time for review. At any time during the learning phase, you can refer back to the learning plan and check if you are on schedule.