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How to maintain concentration over time

    The most difficult thing about learning is to maintain concentration over time.

    • Therefore, one should remove possible sources of distraction from the place of learning, such as the TV or the radio, or even siblings or other family members. The latter should be asked not to disturb during the learning sessions.
    • For some, however, soft music in the background is also beneficial for better concentration, but whether this is the case for someone has to be tested for themselves. From a learning psychology point of view, however, music is an absolute no-go!
    • You should also find out at what time of day you can learn best. This is another aspect that can vary greatly from person to person, because while some learn better in the morning, others can concentrate mainly in the evening.
    • If concentration is difficult despite suitable spatial conditions, there is nothing to be said against a change of location, because if the weather is right, it is also possible to study in the park. The fresh air and exercise can improve concentration, but many distracting factors are also effective outdoors.
    • However, you should definitely refrain from studying in bed, which should only be used for rest and relaxation.