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How can you increase your reading speed?

    Reading is a basic skill that every student must master. However, there are often situations where you need to read quickly and efficiently in order to process a large amount of information in a short amount of time. There are some techniques and exercises you can do to increase your reading speed:

    • Avoid talking along with the words as you read: When reading, do not speak along with the words in your mind, but try to grasp the text as a whole.
    • Read in blocks: try to read words in groups of two or three. This can help you process the text more quickly.
    • Avoid unnecessary eye movements: Try to move your eyes less while reading. This can be helped by making the font larger or using a reading program that automatically scrolls the text.
    • Avoid backtracking: One of the main reasons many people read more slowly is backtracking. This is the process of scrolling back and repeating text that you have already read. To avoid this, focus on reading the text once and grasping the understanding.
    • Use a guide line: a guide line is a line you draw across the text with a pencil or finger to guide your eyes. This can help improve eye movement and read faster.
    • Increase your concentration: focusing on the text will help you read faster. Avoid distractions such as cell phones, televisions, or conversations.
    • Practice regularly: Reading regularly can help improve your reading speed. Therefore, read as often as possible. Set aside some time each day to practice and measure your reading speed.
    • Use online resources: there are many online resources that are specifically designed to increase your reading speed. An example would be the “Spritz” program, which presents text in a fast, flowing motion.
    • Pay attention to context: understanding the context of the text will help you read faster because you already know what is coming.

    These techniques can help increase reading speed, but it is also important to understand the content of the text. Therefore, it is advisable to take time to read the text carefully and make sure you understand the content.