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How can parents get children excited about learning?

    Parents in particular, whose children don’t enjoy learning anything at school, often find themselves in a hopeless situation. But this does not have to be the case. The first thing to do is to find out why the child does not enjoy learning. One of the most important points that should be clarified first is whether the child does not find access to a certain subject or generally dislikes learning or even goes to school reluctantly. If the former is the case, the problem is negligible, as soon as a new topic is dealt with, it has solved itself. However, if the problem is different, it is necessary to investigate further:

    Is your child bored in class, i.e., is he or she underchallenged? Or is it overtaxed? Both variants can lead to a lack of interest in the lessons. Or are there problems at school – with classmates or a teacher? These factors can also cause a child to temporarily or permanently lose interest in learning. If the problem is identified and corrected early on, the child usually finds a renewed enjoyment in learning and in teaching in general.

    If you as a parent do not see a possible solution, you can contact the class teacher or a school psychologist. If a learning disorder is present and your child has therefore lost the fun of learning, an appropriate doctor, psychologist or therapist should be consulted. Many learning disorders can be treated well and do not have to be a permanent obstacle.