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For the start of school after the vacations

    For the start of school after the vacations, some tips for proper learning, especially for variety, because always the same is boring, so to bring variety into learning is important.

    Asking questions, i.e., to ask immediately in school if something is unclear. This is important for life. You have to have the courage to ask.

    Taking notes, because the notes in school are of great importance, because the brain learns through pictures. Therefore, neat and structured notebook entries should be part of everyday school life. Summarizing mind maps are also important. These can also be created at home for better learning. With colors, pictures, sketches, the learning content is demonstrably better recall.

    Tidy up the workplace, because a tidy workplace is important because it provides the learner with an external structure. One is then far less distractible. Fresh air and reasonable light is also conducive to learning.

    Repetition, because repetition is significant for long-term learning. Recalling the older vocabulary over and over again makes it stay present.

    Variety, because variety plays a big role in the school day as well as in homework. It makes sense to do math first, then continue with a language. Rhythmization also provides variety in the brain.

    Take small breaks, because small breaks should also be built into learning. For example, you can set your alarm clock and go out into the garden to trampoline for ten minutes. The important thing here is that the time must be clearly limited.

    Address multiple sensory channels, because it is always good to address as many sensory channels as possible. Reading, listening and writing can all be beneficial to learning. The learner will also find out what he or she is most comfortable with.

    Use mnemonic bridges, because building mnemonic bridges is always good. If you hang a difficult vocabulary word on the refrigerator, it will definitely stay in the memory.

    In any case, parents should also always look at what suits their child, because not everyone is the same type of learner. Even in times of crisis, it is important to focus on the opportunities that challenges bring, as many children can become more independent and structured as a result.