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Find out your learning style

    Everyone has different strengths when it comes to learning. Some learn visually, which means they need to see things vividly in front of them. Others remember things more easily when they say them out loud. This is referred to as different learning types. Knowing your learning type can help you learn effectively. To find out how you learn best, try different learning methods:

    • Read through a text quietly and with concentration.
    • Read a text aloud.
    • Listen to content.
    • Watch learning videos.

    With these tools you will notice whether you are more auditory or visual, whether you can absorb things quietly or have to repeat them aloud. Accordingly, you can adapt your learning methods to this and, for example, learn more with videos and apps. Movement also plays a role, as it can create a link between what you learn and movement. So it can help if you write everything down and summarize it yourself rather than just reading it. Or you can walk around your room or even go jogging while you study.