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Create artwork with your child

    Stubborn memorization is not only boring, it also usually only sticks in the short-term memory. Bring some variety into the preparation for a class assignment and let your child become artistically active. For example, they can present factual topics as a poster, in the form of a mind map, or simply as a picture.

    If the topic is “meadow flowers,” your child can paint on the flowers and label them with their characteristics. Or if the theme is “Trees and Leaves,” the child can create a poster with dried leaves. The poster can be used to review school material or as a learning tool. This means that your offspring can have the open book lying next to them – the main thing here is to visualize the content. In addition to the pictorial representation, there is another advantage to this method: It has been shown that we can remember content better when it is combined with movement and action.

    Painting, gluing, labeling, brushing – all this anchors what is learned in your child’s memory.