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Active Recall

    Active Recall is a simple and effective learning method based on the recall of information from memory. Recalling information strengthens the associations between neurons in the brain and the more you think and try to remember, the stronger the brain cells connect and the better you learn. However, the basis for meaningful learning with Active Recall is understanding, because only if you have really understood something will you be able to recall the content in the right context later on. In order to do this, you have to classify the learning content in a meaningful way and relate it to other things you have already learned. If you combine this learning method with the method of spaced repetition, you can increase the effectiveness even more.

    A classic method of active recall is the closed book, which can also be used when taking notes, i.e. not simply copying the notes from the textbook or script, but formulating them in one’s own words from memory. Afterwards, one should immediately check how much is correct in the notes or whether one needs to correct and supplement these notes.