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A new school year starts!

    In a new school year, children may enter new classes, meet new teachers, have to discover new classrooms and buildings, and may have to take a whole new route to school. Many children are overwhelmed by the new situation. Here, it is especially important that parents support their children in getting off to a good start. Additionally, the new school year can be used for new opportunities.

    New routines
    Routines are important so your child knows how the morning before school and the afternoon after school goes. The new school year can be super used to introduce such routines. For example, you could always eat breakfast together with your child so that you can be sure that your child can start out invigorated. You can also decide together that homework will always be done immediately after lunch, so that your child has free time afterwards. This way you have a good overview that the homework is done and your child can enjoy his free time. It’s best to sit down with your child and think together about what routine is best for you and your family.

    Ease fears
    Take away your child’s anxiety about the new school year. Especially when starting a new grade or even a new school, children carry fears that can have a negative impact on school performance. Standing alone in the recess yard because you don’t know anyone is probably not something any of us think is good. Tell your child about your own experiences, give them tips and tricks on how to behave, how to make new friends, and what rules of behavior should be followed. Talk intensively with your child after the first days and weeks of school to find out where there are problems and where you might need to intervene.